The well structured curriculum provides adequate experiences to our students to hone their scholastic and co-scholastic skills. The entire curriculum is designed in a manner to facilitate learning in an enjoyable manner. Activities are designed for all major concepts to facilitate learning by doing and allow the clarity of concept. Each topic will be integrated with visual representation , demonstrations and activities to cater to individual difference and different learning styles. The curriculum implementation will equip students to apply the knowledge acquired and make them thinkers. Life and thinking skills will be an inseparable part of the curriculum. Every moment of learning will integrate and impart the essential lifelong skills that will equip the students with the tools to face the challenges of growing up and ultimately be a balanced adult.


Curriculum at Dr. Ad=bdul Sattar Girls Inter College takes particular care to ensure a wholesome and all round development of the child, his character and personality as well as inculcate in the child such qualities that will enable him /her to grow up as disciplined, well adjusted and responsible citizens. Keeping in view the same a range of co- curricular activities have been designed.

  • Skill Development through Hobbies
  • Art ad Craft
  • House System
  • Sports
  • Performing Arts
  • Vocational Trainings